Hey, Just a quick thank for a great fire truck birthday party. All of the children enjoyed it very much with many of them saying it was the best party they had very been to. Thank you for making Harry’s birthday unforgettable.


Quick thanks for the amazing Yellow Flag fire engine party this morning! Trevor and all his friends had a GREAT time meeting fire man Dan and having a ride on his party fire engine! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Best Regards


I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and we had a real blast. Mattie was so pleasantly surprised to be picked up by your fire engine 9 from school on Friday afternoon along with all his friends. Judging by the response, come Monday at school he is now deemed to be […]


Thank you for the superb few hours with your host and fireman who were very patient easy going and very accommodating to what we wanted on the day. We felt very relaxed in their company so did all the children. The Red Flag fire truck party was second to none! The experience was most enjoyable, […]


Dear Engine Number 9, The simple thought of hiring a fire truck for my sons 3rd birthday party never prepare me for the awesomeness and impact it actually gave us on the day, parked outside our house in real life and just for little Aden. The kids went wild, and when they found out they […]


Dear John -NSW PARTY BRIGADES, Lincoln had an absolute time of his life and we really appreciate the care guidance and attention that he and the other children were given by all the staff. In particular i highly commend Fire Man Dan who attracted a lot of attention from the parents at the school. A […]


Hi Sarah, I have had so many enquiries from parent’s relatives and friends (not to mention all the neighbours in the street) so i hope the fire truck ride into the city was one which you will be happy to do again. With kindest regards and best wishes to all your magnificent team!


Dear John, Sarah and Engine Number 9 crew, Your fire truck has just left……… Oliver’s party is still going and yet i must write to you immediately to thank you for such a wonderful fire truck party. Oly was thrilled and so were all the children and every single parent. Your firemen and host were […]


Thanks for your email Sarah. We had a great time as did all the boys and I was impressed with your entertainment. Thanks for the 20% off too.


Hi Sarah, Just a quick note to say thank you so much for Saturday. Fireman Johnny and the fire truck were such a hit with Ashton and his little friends. We had a great party and I wouldn’t be surprised if you get some more business out of that. All the mums and dads were […]